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Pediatric Primary Care Curricula for CHP Trainees and Registered Training Programs
Curriculum for Trainees at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Open to calendar for links to modules.
2. PRIMARY CARE ROTATION (PCR) for CHP Pediatric Residents  Phillip H. Kaleida; Associate Director Dianna Ploof
3. BREASTFEEDING ELECTIVE: for Residents. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMCEligible for Certificate of Completion  Dianna Ploof
Closed 9-11-17: Pediatric Primary Care Curricula for Registered Training Programs
There are no courses/modules associated with selected criteria
Open Access: Pediatric Primary Care Topics
Assessing Infant Development Teaching and Review Video  Kaleida PH, Shaikh N
Nutrition: School-Aged Children & Adolescents 2009: Free Online CurriculumEligible for Certificate of Completion  Sonika Bhatnagar, M.D.
Primary Care for Premature Infants: Free online curriculumEligible for Certificate of Completion  Debra Bogen, MD and Kristin Hannibal, MD
Pediatric Public Health
Public Heath and Pediatrics: The SEPA Approach - November 8, 2011Eligible for Certificate of Completion  D Moss MD MPH, D Ploof EdD
Learn a simple approach to thinking about Public Health and the role that primary care pediatricians may play
ePROM: Enhancing Proficiency in Otitis Media (P.H. Kaleida, D. Ploof - Editors)
+ Otitis Media Game - a fun way to test your skills   Handen, Adam L
Try your skill at identifying AOM OME and No Effusion.
1. ePROM: Pneumatic Otoscopy. Examination Equipment and Techniques Eligible for Certificate of Completion  PH Kaleida, MA Haralam
Cerumen managment and proper exam techniques. Rich with Images and videos.
2. ePROM: Diagnosis of Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) (Certificatee Completion)Eligible for Certificate of Completion   P H Kaleida, M A Haralam
Rich with images and videos of tympanic membrane findings and practice sessons.
3. ePROM: Diagnosis of Acute Otitis Media (AOM)Eligible for Certificate of Completion  N Shaikh
Rich with TM images, videos. Includes practice sessions
4. ePROM: Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflectometry Eligible for Certificate of Completion  J Chianese
Use in confirming middle ear effusion diagnosis. Includes practice interpreting tympanograms.
5. ePROM: Otitis Media: Background and EpidemiologyEligible for Certificate of Completion  A Hoberman, M A Haralam
Public health, epidemiology, microbiology and primary care issues
6. ePROM: Diagnostic Tympanocentesis Eligible for Certificate of Completion  A Hoberman, M A Haralam
When to do it; how to advise families. Videos of the procedure and family questions.
7. ePROM: DxEAR-Self Assessment. Test your skill at diagnosing MEE.Eligible for Certificate of Completion  P H Kaleida, D Ploof
A 25-video item self assessment in diagnosing otitis media
8. ePROM: DxEAR-Self Learning. Practice assessing TMs and get immediate feedbackEligible for Certificate of Completion  D Ploof, P H Kaleida
A 25-video TM assessment-with-feedback learning experience.
Pediatric Dermatology
Pediatric DermatologyEligible for Certificate of Completion  N Shaikh, P H Kaleida, B A Cohen
Case-based curriculum on diagnosing common pediatric conditions
COLeCT (Curriculum On Learning Coding Techniques)
COLeCT (Curriculum On Learning Coding Techniques)Eligible for Certificate of Completion  Reed Van Deusen

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